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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glebe Shopping Spree Contest

Hello O'valley'ers,
I am happy to annouce that the Glebe construction has ended today!

They have also launched a Shopping Spree Contest until Dec 31 2011.

Here how it works:
  1. Get a passport from participating stores
  2. Get a stamp/sticker for every $20 spent at participating stores
  3. Collect 10 stamps and submit your entry!
  4. Win $10,000 dollars to spend in the Glebe!
  5. Visit their website incase I am giving you wrong information!
What would I buy with $10,000 in the Glebe? Glad you asked!
What would you buy?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Antique Show time again!

People always ask me where I get my antiques and why I didn't tell them about it! I want to ask them why they don't read my blog!!

There will be lots to see and buy at the Ottawa's Antiquing Event. Bring your cash and your imagination! This three day event come twice a year and will definately keep you coming back for more. Make sure you book October 21, 22, 23 2011!

Loads of parking (No Longer Free, sorry!!) available at the Carleton University Fieldhouse.
Print this coupon to save on your admission fee.

Contact Catherine Knoll (show manager) to be added to their email list.

Friday, September 30, 2011

There's a new salon in town...

And it's here to stay!

I'm talking about Hair Republic, on Bank Street at Sunnyside Ave. It has an edgy and clean look to it. It reminds me of Mad Factory in Toronto (p.s. they give free hand massages there!!). Everything white, with modern art hanging on the walls... my favourite part is the chandelier that greets you at reception! That's like saying "Hello, how can I make your day shine today?" I. love. shiny. things.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, owner and senior stylist at her new salon.

She is such a kind, warm hearted and friendly person. I walked in, the first day the salon was open to get more information about the place, the type of product lines they sell and to find out what their hair philosophy is. Plus, let's face it, I am the most curious person on arth! Also, I've been finding it difficult to stay faithful to a stylist :S I just haven't found the one!

Michelle explained her salon's unique business model; green, healthy and beautiful! They recycle everything, all the way down to composting the hair! They sell shampoo that doesn't contain harsh chemicals, it's based from natural oils and ingredients. They also offer a rewards program where you collect HR dollars when returning empty shampoo containers to redeem against other products.

I am always looking for good shampoo, because my hair can get really dry. I got my hair washed to test the products before I commit to buying it and got my bangs trimmed too. I can't wait to get my hair done soon!

They haven't even been open for a week yet and they are almost fully booked! I'd say, if you are going to cheat on your stylist, do it with class and go treat yourself at Hair Republic!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chef Michael Smith in Ottawa

Good morning my O'Valleyers,

Last night was among my "top coolest things I have ever done in my life"! To some people, it may sound lame, to my fellow foodies... they would be more than jealous.

I attended the Ottawa Writers Festival- Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen with Michael Smith. What an experience if you are a huge fan.

I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I went early to find out more about the event and purchased my ticket on site. $25 to get in, $10 for 2 wine tickets, $33 for his new cookbook.

I paired up with a nice lady that I met, who was also alone. It turns out that she is practically my neighbour! Ottawa is a small world!

So, because we are both early, we get amazing front row seats (by the mic and by the signing table). We each bought the new Michael Smith cookbook, so we can get it signed at the end of the night. And we did!

The host was trying to ask typical "Food Star" questions, but it was quite obvious that Chef Michael Smith had his own (anti-Food Network) Agenda. His "Jamie Oliver" like passion about locally grown food and nutrition literacy (he called it) was the topic for the night. He avoided answering gimmicky questions about his favorite meal or what he would whip up with lacking ingredients from the host's fridge. He focused on the irony of his cookbook, because he teaches us the importance of how to cook without a recipe. He talked about the importance and innate human behaviour of "gathering, preparing and sharing" food. His focus was about "who is at the table, not what is on the table". Lastly, he delivered his "Soap box" speech about the importance of knowing where your food comes from, knowing who has provided you with the food and supporting local farmers so you can tell the story behind the food you prepared. He had strong views, passionate arguments and touching stories. All in all a fabulous conversation!

The night ended with me asking a question about " We see chefs frying with olive oil, what is your stance?" The answer was clear, don't use your good olive oil to fry with, get a cheap one that is not cold press because you lose the quality when it burns.

I got my cookbook signed and tasted the local wine (Yummy shiraz from Navan!) and indulged in the appetizers prepared from his cookbook.

For more information about the Ottawa Writers Festival, click here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caribbean in Otttawa!

Time to Celebrate, Caribbean Style!
Carivibe- Celebrating Caribbean Culture in the Nation's Capital!

Saturday, June 18th 2011 at 12:00pm.
255 Centrum, Orleans, ON
Click on the image for more details!

I'll be there for the food, the music, the entertainment and the people!!
Sometimes I feel like I was Jamaican in my past life :)
Hope to see you there Ottawa!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

what's your target date?

It's official! Target is moving to Canada and opening 105 stores in Canada in early 2013. Check out this article from the Financial Post for more details...

First O'Valley Zellers stores to get a make-over are:

  • Bayshore (Making this an even better mall!)

  • Billings Bridge (The parking is already crazy there... can't imagine what will happen next!)

  • St-Laurent and Donald (Thank you! This area needs a good scrubbing)

  • Place d'Orleans (This may give me an excuse to step foot in... what a sad excuse for a mall)

I'm so excited to remove WALMART from my shoping repertoire!

Goodbye to the grace and cheese

Sad. Day.
Grace and the Kitchen and Serious Cheese are moving to Kanata.
442 Hazeldean Rd

They call it 5400 sqft of foodie pleasure. I call it a disaster for old Ottawa South.
Rumour has it that they will be expanding their cooking school, which sounds great, but not worth the drive out there, in my opinion.

Take advantage of their moving sale. They've got 10-30% off most things in the store.

On the other hand, I can't wait to see what replaces them!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Annual Great Glebe Garage Sale

Ladies and gentlemen, SAVE THE DATE!!

The Annual Great Glebe Garage Sale is on MAY 28th 2011 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm!
Every year, I always look forward to this crazy neighbourhood event. I think all of Ottawa comes to shop for people's trash in this upscale area. The nice part is that the stores on Bank street also have a street sale!
I am announcing it early this year, because it seems that people I know always miss it!

Here are a few pointers:

  • Parking is crazy and hard to find- Either, come early, park far or get here by foot (although this will limit your ability to buy large items)

  • Bring shopping bags or a backpack- it's good for the environment and you will have lots to carry!

  • Get there early- To get your hands on the good stuff!

  • Bring lots of cash- ATMs are busy and run out of money!

  • Pack a light purse- you don't want to fuss while you shop, you need both hands!

  • Wear good shoes and sporty clothes- You don't want your feet to deprive you of miles of garage sales!

  • Bring water- It's always a nice hot day, and you will get quite a work out!

  • Dress for the weather- There is no plan B for rain!

  • It's for charity- Sellers donate 10% of their proceeds to the Ottawa Food Bank!

  • Come hungry- Lots of street food being sold!

  • Bargain, bargain, bargain- Sometimes the prices can seem a bit ridiculous!

  • Do I need a map? Not really, just make your way through the houses between the 417 and Sunnyside at Bank street.
For more Info-contact them by Email or visit the official website!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring into The Ottawa Antiques Show

This has to be one of my favorite events in Ottawa! I've posted lots of posts in the past about this event. I have even shared pics of some of the furniture I bought in the past.

Finally it's here, the Spring Ottawa Antiques Show! Print this coupon and save $2 off your entry fee. Admission is $8 for adults over 18.

Friday March 25: 5 pm-9 pm
Saturday March 26: 10 am-5 pm
Sunday March 27: 10 am- 4 pm

Location: The Fieldhouse at Carleton University, at Bronson and Sunnyside Ave. Free parking!!

For more information or to get on the mailing list, email the event here. The event manager is Catherine Knoll. Check out their website.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

21 in Ottawa... FOREVER!

Here ye, here ye!

It is with great excitement that I announce to you all that a "Forever 21" is coming to a Rideau Centre near you!

Basically they are closing down the small food court (Timy's, Burger King and some Shawarma place). The F21 will replace the BK and have its own entrance on Rideau Street! How exciting!

Here is a more detailed blog post about the entire story!

This amazing store has clothing for men, women, young girls, maternity and even a plus size women! This is great for just about anyone! I really hope the Ottawa store carries all of these selections.

They not only sell affordable and trendy clothing, but shoes, purses and loads of costume jewellery and accessories!

There truly is something for everyone.
I will do my best to keep you all in the loop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winterlude- give it a taste!

What I love most about Ottawa in the new year is looking forward to all the winter activities that I am supposed to be partaking in... if I can leave my warm cozy house.

The Taste of Winterlude festivities begin Jan 27 to Feb 21 2011. Choose from a selection of top restos in Ottawa, and sample a featured menu for a great price! Looks like there are booking up fast, so step on it!
Taste of Winterlude features exclusive culinary events that highlight local chefs, sommeliers, winemakers and Canadian products.
I just came across their site today through a facebook ad... possibly the most effective ad for me yet!
I usually grab the TOW booklet from a participating restaurant and use it as "Checklist" of places I need to try. I also love using my Urbanspoon account that automatically keeps track of this for me :)

I haven't booked a restaurant yet, but I am looking at Murray Street as a possible option.
Let me know where you would like to go or if you have any recommendations!

Bon App├ętit!