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Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Ottawa South Porch Sale- Sept 8 2012

If you are like me and love digging in people's junk, the Old Ottawa South Porch Sale is where it's at!

Similar to it's sister "Glebe Garage Sale", I personally enjoy this event a whole lot more. In the spirit of making lists - here's why:
  1. September 8th is cooler weather than May 28th, so you can go farther and longer!
  2. Less people around, less crowded so you can take your time a look
  3. Less people means you can bargain more ;)
  4. Less people means you have access to parking
  5. Access to parking means you can bring your car around with you and buy huge things like furniture
  6. Less garage sales per capita means you increase the number of garage sales attended (sorry this is my science brain talking! hahaha)
  7. The demographic is...older. Which means you have better items for sale (if you like antiques and more interesting things)
So, as much as I want to support this event and invite people to come, I may be shooting myself in the foot by increasing attendance! Just kidding, it's for a great cause! Sellers are asked to donate a portion of their proceeds to OSCA (the guideline is 10%) to help cover costs of various community initiatives.

Don't forget to take advantage of the street sale on Bank street too! Last year Taylor's was serving delicious take-out pulled pork sandwiches for $5! Wonder what they will be serving this year!

Hope you can make it!
Here are some treasures I found last year.

Jumbo mason jar! Great for punches or lemonade.

Copper pots worth big buck$!! Paid $5 for both! Great for even cooking (like making sauce and melting chocolate)

Cute antique storage box for beauty products.