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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chef Chuck Hughes from Chuck's Day Off in Ottawa

Last weekend, my foodie dream came true. I met Chuck Hughes, Montreal chef from The Food Networks's Chuck's Day Off.

I bough his book a week in advance, because I am a planner, and planners know how to get ready!
I went to Costco (Merivale) really early, about 1.5 hrs before he was going to start, to get a good place in line. And I did :) I think I was about 10th in line.

Tim's breakfast panini and coffee in hand, I made friends with a girl in line in front of me, and quickly realized that maybe my crush on Chuck wasn't so unique after all  :( hahaha

He arrives! My heart is racing, and beating out of my chest, I am so nervous to meet him! I hear his deep raspy cigarette voice and can't help but to release the 12 year old giddy girl with a crush in me. It's finally my turn!

What a gentlemen- he gets up and shakes my hand, "thank you for coming" he says. I answer nervously "my pleasure"... that sounds dorky, right away I regret saying it. Calm down girl! You've been happily married for 4 years and you have a 5 month old at home, get a grip!

"Nice necklace"... um, did he just complement me?.... delayed reaction..."Oh, thanks. Ya, it's a rope in the shape of a tied knot".
"Ya, I know. It reminds me of one of my tattoos" Then proceeds to show me the back of his right elbow (I melt). The tattoo has something written in rope. I was so nervous, I don't remember what it even said. Because, OMG, we are having a conversation!

Embarrassing but worth it-  "Can you sign it, from your boyfriend Chuck?"... he stares at me. I'm thinking, man I sound like a loser, but it's worth a shot! Whatever, he doesn't have to do it, I'm just putting it out there in the universe.

He signs my book, and one for my sister, it's for her b-day gift.

After all is said and done, Chuck gets up for the million dollar shot! What a nice guy. Thanks Chuck!

As much as I felt like a creepy stalker, I feel like we could be friends. He is really cool, chill and just a genuinely nice person, not yet ruined by his famous status.

Questions I would ask him if I had the time:
1- What is your camping cooking style: Ghetto hot dogs or gourmet eating?
2- Did you cancel the last book signing to make it to the Wu-Tang concert after this?
3- Would you like to hang out? I feel like we could be good friends. (After this question, he would quickly get up and walk away as he would soon realize that I am a crazy stalker who is trying to kidnap him, hahaha)

Chuck and I (sharing the same side puff in our hair) 

The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Thanks Chuck and Universe xox
You can't see it, but I am super shaky and nervous. I immediately headed over to the vegetable freezer to cool off! (True story)