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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh, that, it's an antique...

According to Wikipedia, "Antiquing" is the act of shopping, identifying, negotiating or barganing for antiques. Items can be bought for personal use, gifts and in the case of brokers dealers, profit. Antiquing is performed at garage sales, estate sales and resort towns, antique districs, collectives and international auction houses.

According to me, it's a lovely Sunday afternoon treasure hunt to decorate your house with one of a kind items that hold a certain value. Antiquing is not for everyone. You must have imagination, desire to be unique and be capable of creating a story behind each peice that you own.

Lucky for me, I work right by an antiquing strip in the Old Ottawa South, on Bank Street. As you can guess, I like to go to these shops once in a while on my lunch break!

Here are a few pics of my journey to " The Ottawa Antique Market". I have only recently discovered this gem. It's kinda hidden, but it's an underground maze capable of travelling back in time. From retro teak furniture to old smelly books, there is something for eveeryone!

There is something about old linnens and quilts that just resonates cozy. I love the colours and the softness of natural materials.
I think old lady hats are so decorative, I would never wear them, I just love to look at them.

I have my eye on the blue cabinet ($1,575) and the copper bucket hanging on top ($65). Wish I could afford it!

I like this book shelf if I was decorating a baby's room... not for a long time!

I don't have any use or space for this bench, but.... I WANT IT!!!!!!! $300 thought? Is it worth it?

There are a few more antique shops walking distance to this market:
- Yardley's Antiques
- Find Design (Lots of retro and teak furniture)
I may be missing some... please feel free to complete my list!

Ottawa Antique Show October 22-24 2010

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