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Friday, May 23, 2014

New fashion boutique on Preston

I was walking along Preston the other day during Tulip Fest and really noticed that there was a lack of boutiques. Whether it's clothes, kitsch, home decore or give shop... All that surrounds us on Preston our pubs, restaurants and bars! Great at night quiet during the day.

Except… I discovered a little shop called Vincent. I did my thing being curious and all and walked in to see what it was all about. I can usually tell right away what it stores all about but observing a few items, checking the prices and observing the Decor. Me Gusta!

Vincent is just the type of boutique shopping Ottawa needs. On trend fashion, new designers and refreshing looks. I'm just getting pretty tired of the same old brands.

The lesson here is if you see something that intrigues you explore it. Talk to the owners, ask them questions, get out of your comfort zone and just be yourself. Small-business owners are always friendly and are more than happy to talk about their new business. They want to succeed and need loyal customers.

Check them out on Facebook, visit their website and blog.

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