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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

kitchen stores oh my!

If you are at all like me, you LOVE spending your time and money in kitchen stores! Browsing the latest and gratest gadget that only has one single use. Or the other gadget that slices, dices, minces and makes your bed... ALL IN ONE!
Whatever it is, I want it!

I want the expensive knives that cut your nails... everytime! I want that lemon zester I will never use, because I hate lemon zest! I want that cupcake tower incase I throw a fancy tea party and need to display cute cupcakes. I also want that decorative Kitchenaid Stand Mixer that deoesn't fit on my counter.

What if I told you that Bank street had loads of kitchen stores just for you and I!
I will start from the very south end of Bank street (almost at Riverside and Bank) until the Glebe and some in the market too!
  1. C.A. Paradis- Old Ottawa South
  2. Grace in the Kitchen- Old Ottawa South
  3. Glebe Emporium- Glebe
  4. J.D. Adams Kitchen and Home Accessories- Glebe
  5. Domus- Market
  6. Ma Cuisine- Market
  7. ZONE- Market

If I missed any, please help me complete my list!

Where do you go to buy your fancy kitchen stuff?


  1. Hi Chantsy...we love kitchen stores too. Check out our blog at happymouth.ca. We just reviewed 6 of the best in Ottawa.

    Maureen and Rob

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