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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sushi isn't just raw fish

Last weekend, we went for SUSHI for my sisters birthday! I heart SUSHI. It's so fresh, so light and soooo delicious!
Anyway, the restaurant is called Genji. It's located downtown, just off of Elgin Street.

Our experience.... was okay. The food was good and fresh. I thought it was quite pricy for what you got though. What also made are experience a bit skewed was that we waited almost 2 hours for our food. I don't know if this is normal, so I wouldn't completely base it on my comments. I don't think the waitress realized that we had been waiting for so long. We were a table of 6, and the resto was quite busy.

I just kept myself busy with my camera! Here is the picture of their menu, which was very pretti.

So, we started with a complementary appetizer, cucumber marinated in fish sauce and hoisin.
Finally, the sushi came! My usual favorite the dragon roll.
Next up, the platter that my husband and I shared... I know, we eat allot. There is some unagi (mmm...eel) rolls, dynamite roll, salmon sashimi, some mango tango thing (not that great)...
And of course, my routine Green Tea Ice cream! This was delicious! Best part of the dinner ;P


  1. yummmmm, i love sushi and i'm a sucker for green tea ice cream!

  2. I've been there once for lunch, but your pictures have reminded me to return for dinner :)